About Us

LOSATS is a private agency specializing in treatment, training and consultation for victims, offenders and families affected by sexual abuse.

EMANUEL PETRACCA, LCSW is in private practice and has been extensively involved in the treatment of incest and sexual abuse for over 30 years. He has worked with families, survivors, offenders and non-offending spouses in family, individual and group modalities. He also provides training and consultation regarding sexual abuse and its treatment to schools and the community.


THOMAS H. NEILANS, Ph.D., for more than 25 years, has conducted and supervised therapy for families in which sexual abuse has occurred. Currently Dr. Neilans is in private practice at Linden Oaks, consults to several organizations and is actively involved in community health care committees. He was formerly the Director of the Family & Marriage Clinic at URMC and Director of Family Programs for Kaiser Permanente.