The experience of trauma is recognized as a major public health concern. However, often due to stigma, feelings of shame and fear, it is difficult to acknowledge the trauma and begin to heal.
With support, courage and specialized professional help, those who have experienced trauma, as well as those who have caused harm to others, can face trauma and true healing can begin. People who have experienced trauma can be freed of the burden of silence and the fear and confusion about what has happened. Family members can overcome difficulties and develop more open, supportive relationships. Adults or youth who have caused harm can become responsible for their behavior, understand and manage the risks they present, and participate in helping to heal the wounds they have caused. The helping network can work together in a coordinated way to achieve common goals and model effective relationships with boundaries of respect for one another and self.
Linden Oaks Specialized Assessment and Treatment Services approaches trauma from a systems perspective to break the cycle of trauma in the lives of families. Conducting a thorough assessment and providing the most useful, effective methods of intervention are necessary steps toward creating meaningful change. Consulting with other professionals, following the latest advances in research, and pioneering innovative approaches are the hallmark of the LOSATS approach to the treatment of trauma.
LOSATS combines the latest evidence based approaches with the experience of therapists trained in treating trauma and sexual behavior issues.
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) is utilized to help victims examine their thoughts and behavior, to heal from feelings of shame or sense of responsibility for the abuse, and to develop more effective coping strategies. Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the current best practice in treating children and adolescents who have symptoms relating to trauma.
Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) helps adults who have experienced trauma to learn new ways to manage their thoughts and feelings. Cognitive Processing Therapy is a structured intervention which allows adults who have experienced trauma to change faulty thoughts and beliefs to reduce or eliminate symptoms of PTSD, depression and anxieties. Cognitive Processing Therapy is an evidence based treatment which has been supported by multiple studies of trauma symptoms and treatment.
Those with sexual behavior problems are provided with evidence based evaluation to assess their risk to family and communities, to identify treatment needs and to tailor treatment to their treatment needs and level of risk.
We work closely with others involved to ensure that an integrated, collaborative team models healthy functioning for the family and encourages cooperation toward mutual goals. This may include contact with Child Protective Services, law enforcement personnel, the courts, probation/parole, ministers, extended family members, mental health providers, and physicians.